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Hero's Banner: The Fury of Free Will

TCK Roleplaying
Tim C Koppang

Mars Colony

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banding apart

Grim fantasy meets the angst of indecision. Will you choose love, power, religion, allegiance, war, or betrayal?

Hero’s Banner: The Fury of Free Will is a fantasy roleplaying game with a razor sharp premise and elegant mechanics to match. Every character is faced with a choice between three mutually exclusive and world-changing paths to glory. Which will he choose, and what will he forever give up to achieve his goals?

What’s more, Hero’s Banner supports multi-generational epic play. Each character is designed to last a single session. But the game can go on forever as you link one character to the next in a chain of heroes, each one idolizing the previous.

This is the PDF version of the game. If you prefer print, visit the Hero’s Banner website (see below) for details.

Hero's Banner: The Fury of Free Will
Tim C Koppang