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Lost Roads of Lociam - Core Rulebook

Lost Roads of Lociam
Rasmus Strand

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The Lost Roads of Lociam is a fantasy roleplaying game set in the fictitious world of Lociam, where the forces of Order can Chaos battle for supremacy.
The mortal races, championed by the numerous human peoples, are constantly struggling to survive as these diametrically opposed forces clash all around them. Neither Order nor Chaos can directly act upon Lociam, so they influence the mortal races to fight for them. Seas churn and skies burn as the champions and armies of Order or Chaos engage in war after war. When the world was created Order had the upper hand, but as time has worn on, so has the defenses of Lociam eroded under the relentless assault of Chaos, and Chaos can now project and make manifest demons, mortal projections of its power, into the world.

The struggle has had a magnificent by-product; magic seeps through everything, and nearly all living things can use magic in one form or another, ranging from a scholarly wizard able to transform his (or someone else’s) physical form as he wishes, or hurl streams of fire from his fingertips, all the way down to a carpenter able to mend his tools with a simple touch and a focused thought. Even plants and rocks contain a small measure of magic, and carefully studied, craftsmen and alchemists can extract this magic into wondrous things.

The Core rulebook is in A4 and 140 pages long. It contains everything you need to start playing the game sans dice.

The game uses a D100 system and the core rulebook contains complete rules for character creation, mechanics, combat, religions, magic and more.

There are continuous updates, free adventures and material being published on the game homepage, expanding on the game.

Lost Roads of Lociam - Core Rulebook
Rasmus Strand

$25 + s&h