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Rooksbridge #2: Getting By

Kallisti Press
Josh Roby

Full Light, Full Steam Digital Edition Rooksbridge #1: Dirty Work Rooksbridge #3: The Divide Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty Digital Edition

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banding apart

Build ‘Em Up and Bring ‘Em Down

Milton of Roxley has enjoyed a long, profitable career building castles during peace time and then bringing them crashing down in war.  When his old friend Sedgwin invites him to Guilford, he is offered a different kind of project altogether.

Rooksbridge is a series of short stories released monthly recounting the lives and trials of characters wrapped up in the machinations of a fantastic and dangerous world. 

This chapbook is 60 pages, 4.25” x 6.375”, perfect bound.

Rooksbridge #2: Getting By
Josh Roby

$5 + s&h