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Rooksbridge #1: Dirty Work

Kallisti Press
Josh Roby

Full Light, Full Steam Digital Edition Rooksbridge #2: Getting By Rooksbridge #3: The Divide Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty Digital Edition

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banding apart

Salvation or Slaughter?

When two strangers wearing the Baron Bramwood’s colors arrive in the village of Guilford, no one knows what to expect beyond blood.  Will these knights save or slaughter the people of Guilford – or is there any difference?

Rooksbridge is a series of short stories released monthly recounting the lives and trials of characters wrapped up in the machinations of a fantastic and dangerous world.

This chapbook is 42 pages, 4.25” x 6.375”, perfect bound.

Rooksbridge #1: Dirty Work
Josh Roby

$5 + s&h