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Sons of Liberty

Kallisti Press
Josh Roby

Full Light, Full Steam Digital Edition Rooksbridge #1: Dirty Work Rooksbridge #2: Getting By Rooksbridge #3: The Divide

Sons of Liberty Digital Edition

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banding apart

Have you ever had Alexander Hamilton wind up your clockwork power armor, jump out of Thomas Paine’s ornithopter, and land in the middle of the Battle of Yorktown to punch General Cornwallis in the face?


Well… would you like to?

Sons of Liberty, the Roleplaying Game of Freedom and Badassery, is now available in softcover and digital editions.  Take on the role of the Founding Fathers to kick ass and take names for truth, justice, and the American way in the only Roleplaying Game of Freedom and Badassery.

The game’s fast-paced card mechanics ensure high-action madness and revolutionary heroics.  If you are playing Benjamin Franklin and you aren’t swinging an electrified kite over your head to clear the streets of redcoats, then you are playing it wrong.

Take a peek at the PDF Preview.  Or check out the game’s Patriot Sheet, Tory Sheet, and Objectives Sheet.

160pp 6” x 9” perfect bound

Sons of Liberty
Josh Roby

15 + s&h