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Full Light, Full Steam Digital Edition

Kallisti Press
Josh Roby

Rooksbridge #1: Dirty Work Rooksbridge #2: Getting By Rooksbridge #3: The Divide Sons of Liberty

Sons of Liberty Digital Edition

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banding apart
The great steel ship shuddered as a torpedo clanged off of the hull and detonated a moment later.  “What’s this, you’re throwing Russian torpedoes at us?” Lieutenant Downing laughed out the conning glass and yanked on the ship’s wheel.  The starscape beyond tilted and wheeled, sending the crackling shock explosions and whizzing fighters spinning past their view.  Finally, the other battleship appeared in the distance, the ether cannons along its line snapping back and forth like ants.  “Little Jack Harkness, you’ll need to throw more than that at a British ship to make her turn tail.  Mister Hastings, direct the batteries to take aim on the battleship and inform the engine room we will need full light and full steam.  It’s time to show these pirates what for!“

Full Light, Full Steam is a steampunk space opera roleplaying game with a strong emphasis on character.  The Solar Powers ply the ether of the Greatest Sea in steam-powered ships, protecting their colonies and trading posts on distant planets.  None is greater than the British Empire—and none has more to lose.

Join the Royal Astronomical Navy and protect the rights and prosperity of the greatest nation on earth!  God save the Queen!

Take a peek at the PDF Preview! You can also download character sheets, situation sheets, and cog cards.

198pp, 6” x 9” PDF

Full Light, Full Steam Digital Edition
Josh Roby