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Shock: Social Science Fiction PDF

the glyphpress
Joshua A.C. Newman

Shock: Social Science Fiction Shock:sheets Shock: Social Science Fiction PDF bundle

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banding apart

The glint of flexing steel skin and the challenges it brings to its owner. An alien language, whispered in a dream telling truths no one wants to know. Towers a thousand miles tall, populated by coarse corporate overlords and surrounded by its impoverished workers.

Explore the hopes and dreams you have for science and technology. Plumb the depths as they go awry and turn on their masters.

Grab that raygun and put it in the service of your ideas.

... Joshua A. C. Newman is bucking for hero status. He is the only person with the guts to tackle [science fiction] in RPG terms. -Ron Edwards, author of Sorcerer

version 1.2

Available at The Glyphpress

98pg PDF

Shock: Social Science Fiction PDF
Joshua A.C. Newman