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Sea Dracula

Atarashi Games
Jake Richmond & Matt Schlotte

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Animal City is a magical town full of hardworking talking animals with crazy names and silly opinions. The city is famous for it’s nonsensical legal system, where the lawyers are responsible not just for prosecuting cases but also for fighting monsters and throwing parties. This was the legendary legal system pioneered by that great giraffe lawyer, Sea Dracula!

Sea Dracula is a dancing role-playing game. You’ll pretend to be crazy animal lawyers who are prosecuting an important case in Animal City’s highest court!

“My man-crush on Jake Richmond continues to grow”
-Fred Hicks, award winning designer of
Spirit of the Century

“Sea Dracula is now my favorite game!”
-Jason Morningstar, award winning designer of Grey Ranks and Shab-al-Hiri Roach

“Sea Dracula brought the
hardcore out in us. ”
-Ryan Macklin, Master Plan

Sea Dracula Wave 2 is here! Collect all 10 covers! Sea Dracula is presented as a single sheet of colored legal sized paper, folded in a pleasing manner. You’ll receive one of the 10 random cover designs created for Sea Dracula Wave 2.

Sea Dracula
Nick & Jake

Price: $1 + $1 s&h