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Piledrivers & Powerbombs (pdf)

Prince of Darkness Games
Joe Prince

Contenders Piledrivers & Powerbombs Contenders (pdf)

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banding apart

Enter a world of ferocious feuds and gargantuan grudges! Step into the ring, if you dare…

The definitive ‘Chokeslam of Darkness’ edition guarandamntees you night after night of electrifying entertainment!

Piledrivers & Powerbombs requires no preparation time whatsoever - grab your buddies, create a wrestler and you’re away.

If you’re looking for a fast, fun, kick-ass beer and pretzels game then you’ll love P&P.

The wrestling matches utilise betting mechanics - bluffing and knowing when to fold are just as important as raw character stats.

No knowledge of pro-wrestling is required to play this game, just make it up!

-There’s good guys and bad guys - they don’t get on…

100 page full colour PDF, with bookmarks. 

Piledrivers & Powerbombs (pdf)
Joe J Prince