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Black Cadillacs Steel Toe'd Edition

Achtung! Spiel!
Darcy Burgess

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banding apart

You play soldiers during wartime. It’s bloody and heroic and tense and horrifying.

And then...

You tell the stories of what happened to you. As players you see everything, what happened, and how it got told to family, friends, loved ones, and to fellow soldiers. In the gap between what happened and how it got told is the most powerful humanity you’ll ever play.

This is the Ashcan edition of the game, in all its ugly glory. Dogtags not included.

Half-letter, Spiral-bound (Steno pad style), Hardcover, Stainless Steel Cap, Rivets.

Black Cadillacs Steel Toe'd Edition
Darcy Burgess

$15.00 + S&H

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