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Alessandro Piroddi

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banding apart

This GM-Less game focuses on the adventurous stories of individual characters, their personal goals and their development as human beings.

Players might be allies or enemies, lovers or strangers, but somehow their destinies will end up twining and influencing each other.
All of this on the backdrop of a rich and detailed game settings that no one needs to know ahead, as the game will make it grow through active play, adapting it to the Player’s tastes and needs. This is true exploration of a world that no one knows until it gets revealed by the actions of the Characters.

FateLess is not a random name. This game leverages the main dice engine and point economy from Fate Accelerated; but without a GM, without a higher power waving the destiny (the Fate) of the Characters, it is ... well ... FateLess. The other big source of inspiration is Tactical Ops, a GM-Less game focused on “tactical” groups tackling challenging missions.

The resulting mix is a GM-Less game that (like TOps) uses every trick at its disposal to emulate the classic rpg sensation of “just being a Player” while focusing (like FAE) on strong individual Characters facing personal struggle, drama and adventure.

Designed for 2-5 participants.
Zero Prep (after character generation)
Meant for medium/long play (5-15 sessions)

The rulebook offers all you need to play in any setting with zero preparation, plus a couple of examples of how you could specifically set your game in a Cyberpunk or Fantasy world. FateLess is also fully compatible with the Setting in a Box project.

by Alessandro Piroddi

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