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Alessandro Piroddi

FateLess Infotech_Team_:_Beyond_Rage_&_Betrayal Tactical_Ops

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banding apart

You are the grey eminence spreading rumors.

You are the spider pulling the strings.

You are the monarch ordering and governing.

The hero swooning public opinion.

The criminal marking territory.

The police patrolling the streets.

You are a very influential person, a power player, and your target is the final control over the only kingdom that actually matters… the City.

But you are not the only one.

This GM-Less game uses real chess boards and pieces to help you and your friends recreate the kind of story told in works such as Game of Thrones, Dune or Romanzo Criminale where influential individuals clash against each other to shape the destiny of a kingdom, a planet or ... the City.

Whose King will emerge victorious?

How many lives will be lost or ruined for the King’s ambition?

Designed for 2-4 participants.

Zero Prep.


Meant for short/medium play (2-5 sessions)

The rulebook contains all the procedures needed to play, along with printable chess-pieces and chess-boards for 2, 3 and 4 players.

by Alessandro Piroddi

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