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Alessandro Piroddi

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banding apart

Tactical Ops offers high octane action adventures in any setting you desire.
Players will form a cohesive team of skilled individuals facing challenging missions: from mysterious investigations to heated shoot-outs, from dangerous deceptions to hectic chases, this game focuses on the “tactical” use of fiction, where descriptions and ideas count more than number crunching and rules min-maxing.
Then again, you also get to roll a bucket load of dice!

This is a GM-Less game unlike any other.
Most games of this kind work by turning all Players into part-time GMs. Instead Tactical Ops uses every trick at its disposal to emulate the sensation of “just being a Player”: you never act as director of a story, you never know what lays behind the next corner, you never have all the answers.

This allows you to explore rich and detailed game settings that no one had to prepare or study, and live engaging stories that no one has decided beforehand… yet they feel like someone had tailored them just for you. It’s like having an invisible GM is at the table, maneuvering the opposition and plotting the events.

Designed for 2-5 participants.
Zero Prep (after character generation)
One Shot friendly, but geared towards medium/long play (5-15 sessions)

The rulebook offers all you need to play in any setting with zero preparation, plus a couple of examples of how you could specifically set your game in a Cyberpunk or Fantasy world. Tactical Ops is also fully compatible with the Setting in a Box project.

by Alessandro Piroddi

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