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End Transmission Games
Devon Oratz

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A Roleplaying Game

Earth, 2471 AD. The only thing that matters is The Game. Whether you’re a trained Professional — part actor, part athlete — or an Amateur, a conscripted gladiator, you are a Player. With an audience of millions watching, you enter The Splinter, a VR mega-dungeon.

The Splinter is an ever-changing megastructure that takes the form of a labyrinthine series of dungeon levels. At any time, any part of any level of the Splinter can transform, move, or disappear entirely. The denizens of the Splinter, taken on by Players as their Avatars, are equally strange; powerful shapeshifters who can “tune”: alter reality through will alone.

ON EARTH, only the rich and famous can afford freedom. The only way to get famous is to put on the best show you can… or die trying.

IN THE SPLINTER, everything is out to kill you. And when you die in the Splinter, you die on Earth.

Will you become a star, or a smear on someone else’s highlight reel?

S.P.L.I.N.T.E.R. is a 190 page soft-cover, perfect bound, complete rulebook. The only thing you need to play this game is this book, and a few six-sided dice.

Devon Oratz

30.00 + shipping and handling