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Grimm Tales

Pantheon Press
Rob Trimarco

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banding apart

Grimm Tales is the first full-length campaign for Fortune’s Fool.

Set in a Central Europe bloodied with war, Grimm Tales throws the PC’s into a nightmarish struggle between Jacob and Vilhelm Grimm! To save Europe from savage Ottoman hordes, the characters journey to a small town in the Carpathain Mountains to retrieve a fabled magic mirror.

But a desperate feud between the two brothers shatters the chatacters’ plans.

To capture the mirror, the characters must venture into a hellscape where childish fears come to life. It will take more than a trail of breadcrumbs to guide the characters to safety, but with the fate of Europe in their hands, they can’t just sit on their tuffets doing nothing!

* Requires the Fortune’s Fool core rules and a Tarot Deck to play

3.7 MB PDF, 104 pgs

Grimm Tales
Jay Stratton, Jason Keeley, and Rob Trimarco