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It's Complicated: Online Play Edition

Two Scooters Press
Elizabeth Shoemaker & Shreyas Sampat

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banding apart

Do you like stories about happy, functional, well-adjusted people who fall in love with the right people, say the right things, and live happily ever after?

If so, this is definitely not the game for you.

It’s Complicated is a about personality quirks, secrets both dark and embarrassing– but most of all, it’s about convoluted, messy, compelling, and occasionally one-sided relationships.

This includes a screen-enhanced PDF with clickable links, and lots of highlighted additional notes which elaborate on key concepts in the book! It’s stuff you can’t get in the physical copy.

The Online Play Edition also comes with a java application that automates the game board and makes playing online much easier.

If you request it, this also comes with a plain, print-ready PDF.

It's Complicated: Online Play Edition
Elizabeth Shoemaker