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Beyond the Wire Productions
Marshall Burns

Caffeine & Nicotine Live Action Roleplay Construction & Conquest Crow's Hoard The BTW B&W PDF Pack

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banding apart

KNUCKLEHEADS! is a rules-lite RPG designed to emulate classic slapstick comedy in the vein of the Three Stooges, Buster Keaton, and (especially) Laurel & Hardy. The quote from the text below says it all:

Regular Joe protagonists that the audience can easily identify with, engaging in some manner of objective enterprise, in the face of increasingly absurd obstacles and/or opposition in the form of an antagonist who is usually an authority figure and has a personal grudge against the protagonists. These hassles lead to humorous setbacks and increasingly unlikely attempts to surmount them, along with a healthy dose of mounting frustration for the protagonists—often prompting absurd violence between them.

If that sounds even remotely fun to you, then buy this game and give it a whirl.

7-page B&W letter-size PDF, designed for home printing.
Fulfilled manually through email; please bear with me if there’s a delay.

D. Marshall Burns