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the lumpley games library

lumpley games
D. Vincent Baker

Apocalypse World Dogs in the Vineyard In a Wicked Age Mechaton

Murderous Ghosts Poison'd

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Solipsist (PDF) Les Petites Choses Oubli Dread House PDF The BTW B&W PDF Pack
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banding apart

The complete set of lumpley games PDFs:

Apocalypse WorldDogs in the Vineyardkill puppies for satan
In a Wicked AgeMurderous GhostsPoison'd
The Sundered Land

That’s Apocalypse World, Dogs in the Vineyard, kill puppies for satan, In a Wicked Age, Murderous Ghosts, Poison’d, and The Sundered Land, all for the very low price of $25. Save almost 40 bucks!

As always, this includes free lifetime upgrades/revisions. It also includes the complete set of Apocalypse World’s limited edition character playbooks, so that’s fun.

I fulfill PDFs manually, using the Forge Bookshelf, so please allow 24 hours for delivery, longer on the weekend.

the lumpley games library
D. Vincent Baker


all 6 PDFs for $25

Buy the PDFs at Payhip.