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The Dreaming Crucible

Story by the Throat! Press
Joel P. Shempert

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banding apart

Growing up is trauma. Maturity is bought with blood. You will find it—in a land where magic dwells and enchantment rules. Have you bravery enough to wrestle with demons? Wisdom enough to resist beguilement? Nerve enough to grow up?

The Dreaming Crucible is a storytelling game for three players, about a troubled adolescent and their adventures in a dreamlike but deadly world of Faerie. This boy or girl will travel to that world carrying the wounds of this world, and there face the worst of their pain and fear. One player takes the role of the Hero or Heroine, and the other two will portray the Light and Dark forces of Faerie, in the form of a Companion and Nemesis respectively, who help or hinder the Heroine as she faces terrible Peril.  As she progresses on her journey her very soul will be tried in the fires of transformation, but her actions will transform Faerie in turn.

Play a complete story in 1-3 hours using the book, a bag of colored stones and a pair of courageous and creative friends.

Half-letter pamphlet-stitched booklet, 44 pages plus insert of game cards to cut out and use. Hand-sewn and glued in assorted colors of trim; no two are alike. Color cover, b&w interior, featuring lavish art by Erin Kelso as well as public domain illustrations from antique books.

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The Dreaming Crucible
Joel P. Shempert

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