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Dogs in the Vineyard

lumpley games
D. Vincent Baker

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banding apart

You stand between God’s law and the best intentions of the weak.

You stand between God’s people and their own demons.

Sometimes it’s better for one to die than for many to suffer. Sometimes, Dog, sometimes you have to cut off the arm to save the life.

Does the sinner deserve mercy?
Do the wicked deserve judgement?

They’re in your hands.

roleplaying God’s Watchdogs
in a West that never quite was.

150 pages paperback. Digest size. Full color cover, b&w interior, illustrated. Comes with the PDF.

For the book, please allow 2-4 weeks for delivery, longer outside the US. For the PDF, 24 hours, longer on the weekend.

Dogs in the Vineyard
D. Vincent Baker

PDF $15.00

Dogs in the Vineyard
D. Vincent Baker


pdf $15.00; book $24.00 + s&h

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